Uusimaa faction leader

20.06.2020 · Joel Sariola

I am Mikko Koho and I will be the commander of the Uusimaa. I have been playing airsoft for the last fifteen years. In recent years I also have been gaining leading experience together with our team Tiera from various airsoft games, mainly on the Swedish side at the Berget series, but also the very first TSTOS Parola game in 2016!

We are already receiving applications for Uusimaa team leaders and for other leading positions. You can send an open application to my email and I will answer it as I have time on my hands. 

The leadership style will be familiar as in our team Tiera: Humor is present, but the goal is best achieved when we all are pulling on the same end of the rope regardless of position! 

You can best contact me by email at